This form shall manage the buying and selling activity with all the financial and administrative matters related 

thereto, such as invoice registration, identification of suppliers with all their data and details, identification of

delegates, identification of customers, and related discount rates and special features. This form shall include :

)A) Items:

  • Item and item groups screen.


(B) Invoices:

  • Purchase and sales invoices.
  • Purchase and sales payback invoices.
  • Preliminary invoices/quotations.


(C) Suppliers and customers:

  • Vendor and customer settlements.
  • Payment of future invoices.
  • Suspension of dealing with a vendor or customer.


(D) Reports:

  • More than one report presents data on suppliers, customers, purchases and sales in different analytical

            and overall formats, which helps decision-makers obtain the timely and appropriate information in an easy

            and a simple way, which leads to rationalizing decisions.


In addition to the following features:-

1- The use of barcode technology to accelerate the sale and purchase process, with the possibility of system barcode disbursement for items that do not contain a barcode.

2- The ability to operate more than one device on a network, as well as connect it using the Internet.

3- Insert items with a number or item name.

4- Treatment of Marketing delegates.

5- Follow up on the items to which the date of validity applies and alert for self-expired materials.

6- A minimum ceiling for the number of goods, and a maximum limit, shall be set and self-alarm shall be given upon reaching the two limits.

7- Determining the debt ceiling for clients and delegates.

8- The division of items under groups to facilitate searching and access to the required item.

9- The possibility of automatically converting the foreign purchase currency into the local currency after the exchange rate has been fixed.

10- The ease of detecting any item with different connotations.

11- The possibility of detecting all transactions, such as invoices and receipts, on various indications.

12- Return of procurement or sales goods.

13- Handling more than one warehouse.

14- The company's expense is recorded to determine the total actual expenditure for a period of time.

15- Manage users by assigning permissions to each individual user, each by function, by disposing of the password and username of each user according to their authority.

16- Conversion of all reports to an Excel file.

17- Many other advantages.



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